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    I can't figure these two out. I must be overlooking something obvious.

    1. How do i resend text messages?

    2. Why won't .gif files work once I send them to my Treo

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    1. a) Vanilla Treo: I don't recall exactly since I'm using the threaded app, but I believe its as simple as going into the "Sent" folder under text messages, highlight the message, and using the softkey menu select resend.
    b) Threaded SMS: In the conversation, key up to the selected text, right softkey (menu), and select "resend."

    2) I have no idea as I've never paid attention.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ThomasL View Post
    2. Why won't .gif files work once I send them to my Treo
    I just sent a gif to my phone and when I opened it in the e-mail, it opened in PIE. I then saved it and looked for it with Resco Explorer and opened it and it again opened in PIE. I went into Pictures & Videos and looked for it and was able to open it in there. Not sure why you are having problems. I didn't try an animated gif. Could you be trying that?


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