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    At work I have tried to use my Treo 700wx as an MP3 player, putting a ton of songs on a memory card and listening to the music in Windows Media player. The problem I have with that is after awhile of listening, the music will stop for a few seconds then continue. Then later on when i want to change to a different song, i touch the screen or touch any of the buttons, but nothing happens. When I touch the red phone button (hangup button) the phone willlight up and then if there was any music playing it would stop and the playlist would reset and I'd have to set it again, anyone else have that problem?

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    So you are saying that when you get in that state WMP is still playing music, but the controls no longer work?

    From your description it sounds like the device went into suspend, but music can't play while suspended so I am confused.

    Try disabling power off in the power settings and see if it still happens.
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    this isn't your entire issue, but with WMP, anytime you press the red power button, that will turn off the music (something that still bugs me about Windows Mobile, honestly). So - don't hit the red power button, at all.

    You can set a button to turn off the screen, in WMP - look under Options, and then Buttons, I think.....i have the space bar set to shut off the screen. keyboard still lit up, but at least the screen is off....

    (Hannip - where's our answer on the album art issue from a while back? Still makes me crazy)

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