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    Quote Originally Posted by JGold View Post
    Download the one for Pocket PC.
    Thank you very much... I'll give it a try tonight.

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    your upstream from your home DSL/Cable connection is what matters most.
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    Just got mine up and running and loaded on my Treo 750, I've got to say this is very cool! The screen is a little small and reading text on the TV show is difficult but everything else is fine. I do not have the HSDPA hack done, I'll wait for the WM6 update. The video is smooth and audio matches up just fine. If anyone is thinking about getting this, just do it. I can't wait for football season when I'm stuck somewhere I don't want to be and missing the game, now I can watch it on my phone!
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    I wish Sling would get around to updating the player to go full screen on square-screened devices. I used to love putting Sling in full screen on my KJAM.
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    Ya, that would be nice but I can live with it. I mean, who would have thought that one day you would be able to get live tv on your cell phone!
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    I am getting good HSDPA speeds on my Cingy 750 and want to get the Slingplayer. You guys make it sound too good not to get! But one thing confuses me. I know the AV model has no tuner and only room for one input. The Pro has a tuner and room for 3 outputs.

    Here is all I want to do with my setup on my 750. Be able to watch my cable, my Tivo and my security camera. Now since Tivo integrates with my cable, is it using the only available output on the AV, or is it considered part of the cable since Tivo plugs into my digital cable box? To use both Tivo and my security camera do I have to get the Pro model?

    And if I get the AV, which has no there any way to know whether someone at home is watching cable when I open Slingmobile? Because I assume that if I change the channel on Slingmobile it will change the channel at home that someone may be watching.
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    conekkted, not really sure about your first question. If you are able to access everything through your cable box then I would think you would be fine. The only connection from the Singbox to the cable box is audio and video cables and IR devices that you put in front of the cable box aimed at the remote sensor. From the sling box to the router, you just have an ethernet cable and that's it. From my Treo 750 I can change the channel and watch programs that are on my dvr, pause and rewind the tv, it's just like physically being at home sitting in front of the tv.

    Your second assumption is right. You won't be able to tell if someone is watching the TV slingbox is hooked up to unless all of a sudden the channel changes on you for no reason, that would mean that the person actually watching the TV turned the channel. You can change it back and then they are forced to watch the channel you changed it to. So, if you have a family or roommates, this may be something that you want to hook up to the tv in your bedroom. If you are not able to locate the router next to the cable box, they have a device called SlingLink (I think that's what it's called) and you will need to pick up one of those as well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by slingbox View Post
    Does this support the 750? The support language is a little confusing to me (for PocketPC but not Windows?)
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