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    My 750 has stopped ringing or vibrating on incoming calls. I can answer, but I only know of incoming calls if I happen to be looking at the screen. Also, the little screen tap noises have stopped sounding. I have checked all the usual settings and soft reseted as well. Any thoughts guys?
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    Others have reported this. You need to soft reset. I don't think the cause has been identified.
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    soft reset didn't work. Now moving on to the hard reset....
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    Someone on another forum suggested turning off the Voice Command.

    Once I did that, I have had no trouble as of yet. I also noticed that once voice command was disabled the delay for the ringer to kick in was improved.

    Could Voice Command be the issue?
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    i have the same issue....just posted about it.....soft resetting always works for me
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    apparently palm knows about this issue and will release a fix shortly
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    FYI- Voice Command has been turned off on my phone since last Wendnesday. As of yet this problem has not resurfaced.

    Maybe this is a suitable temporary solution for some.
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    yes, but sometimes voice command will re-enable itself. wait for a fix in the near future from palm...
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    We had 2 different 750's (Cingular branded) stop ringing, alarms, etc. Soft reset, hard reset (ouch!), removed stuff. Nothing.

    Saw a post on another forum. Try this: "Settings"/"Sounds+Notifications"/"Phone - Unknown (or known)" - then switch from "Ring" to "Increasing Ring". Seemed to work. Fingers crossed.

    Gotta find that post and thank the guy. Those with dead ringing - try this!
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    i get it would just vibrate and not even make the "click" sound when you open and close windows. soft reset restores this. funny thing is when this occurs, playing music on WMP yielded no sound as well.
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    I got it when I forgot that I slid that switch over on the top.
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    I have the sme problem and Cingular had no clue. They re sending me a different phone. Will try the Increasing Ring change. It's got to be a software bug. Is there a new release yet from Palm?

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