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    I got it to work but sometimes I have to hit send and receive or it will not get the email. Anyone having this problem?
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    I get mine almost instantly with exchange server 2003 sp2
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    instantly for me. I mean - faster than my Outlook client on my PC. Instant.
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    i'll sit at my desk and mail will sometimes hit my phone before it hits my outlook on my desktop.
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    ^^^ What he said.
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    i reset it seems better now.
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    Sometimes I get them before they hit my desktop comp, sometimes I dont get them at all and I have to do a manual Send/Receive, sometimes I get a notification that I have 4 new messages, but I'm pretty sure they all didn't come at once. It only works as true push about 50% of the time I've found.
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    Is exchange needed for PUSH mail or are there other options?
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    Quote Originally Posted by foofighter View Post
    i'll sit at my desk and mail will sometimes hit my phone before it hits my outlook on my desktop.

    Same for me. First day I had the 750, I hung around the office late to get familiar with the phone. Sitting there beside my office laptop, the messages hit the 750 a few seconds before they hit the laptop. Can't beat that!
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