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    Just curious if anyone has figured out how to select more than one email in Outlook. Since my 750 sits in the cradle next to me all day, I end up with quite a few emails that the 750 considers "new", but I have read via my desktop.

    On my 8125 I could touch an email, hold shift and scroll to another email and it would highlight everything in between. Then I could mark every selected email as "read" with one touch.

    The shift keys on the 750 will not work in the same manner. Anybody figured this one out?

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    So funny I just asked the same question in a thread 5 min ago.
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    Here's the same answer lol

    Quote Originally Posted by Littlepat View Post
    In outlook, highlight a message. press SHIFT, then any key a-z. HOLD THE KEY DOWN while pressing up/down on the keypad. It should ihghlight multiple messages, mine just did. It's not like chatter where you can select individual messages, only sequential messages (adjacent messages, whatever term you like)
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    Based on my testing, the Option key works also, for the first part of the gig.

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