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    Is it possible to select multiple emails (like if i wanted to delete a bunch at one time) without using the stylus? I know with chatter on Palm OS I could use the spacebar to select any email i wanted to perform a specific action to. Is there a way I do that with pocket outlook on Windows Mobile 5?
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    In outlook, highlight a message. press any key a-z. HOLD THE KEY DOWN while pressing up/down on the keypad. It should ihghlight multiple messages, mine just did. It's not like chatter where you can select individual messages, only sequential messages (adjacent messages, whatever term you like)
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    Tried that but it did not work. Anyone else know a way??
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    I just posted a similar question at almost the exact same time.... freaky.
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    Haha I just said the same think in your thread lol.
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    I just find it extremely fast to just use the back of my little finger's nail and just touch the first one and drag down, hit menu and delete. Faster than any keystrokes
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    Got it thanks for the help.

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