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    I'm considering this case for the Treo. Has anyone tried it? How is the touchscreen access? that is my primary concern (traditionally I've loved all my Krusell cases before)

    or perhaps the cabriolet (open from the top)? (does this one also cover the screen???)

    Any other good cases out there with a good level of protection? Has anyone used there krusell cases?
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    I use the Vaja Classic Treo™ 700 Case with Ultraclip-Vitelino Leather and love it , easy off and the unit is well protected. Not bulky and forms well with the unit.
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    I had a Cabriolet for an HTC Wizard awhile back and I hated it. On the back there are snaps that cover the camera which sounds good in theory because you can just pull the cover away when you need the camera. However, if you use it with a belt clip you might want to think twice. I found that anytime my hip brushed against something the snaps were coming loose and my device was hanging. Quite irritating.

    I have decided to go with Designio hard leather case that Boxwave sells for the 750. I hear it's fantastic, and no covering the camera but still has a swivel belt clip. I should receive it today. Actually I bought an identical (but unbranded) one on ebay.
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    With the provided clip can the palm rest on the side or does it swing on the clip ?
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    I do not believe it is a locking belt clip, so it would probably swing. I should find out this evening.
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    That is the only beef I have with the case. It is nice that the case swings up when I sit down.
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    thanks guys... BUMP

    i hope someone out there has tried a krusell with a 750 because I have had really good experience with krusells before... just never with a touch scren

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