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    That's purported to be Sprint's H107 roadmap. Sherlock is speculated to be a CDMA version of the 750. If true, that would explain why Palm has provided next to no updates whatsoever for the 700w/wx!!!
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    awesome, I want one.
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    Quote Originally Posted by codyppc View Post
    awesome, I want one.
    You and me both codyppc. You and me both.

    Of course, I'm on Verizon, so who knows when we will get the CDMA 750. Right now I'm just waiting for the 700wx on Verizon.

    I really want AD2P though
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    Treo 755 eh? hmm, would it be crazy to hold onto my Sprint contract till this thing is released AND have a 750 on Cingular? Can cell phone numbers be forwarded?

    The way I figure it, it will probably be a wash to cancel my contract vs holding onto it for that amount of time.
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    I hope they make a LOT more mods thank just "a 750 with CDMA." The phone has stability problems, slightly less RAM, and other than a2dp and voice dial it is a piece of garbage compared to the wx. You can quote me on that. The a2dp is nice though

    I would get it over a w, but not a wx. That is JUST my opinion, some would probably rather have the stability than the added RAM from the w. And if you Sprint users feel the a2dp + voice command over BT - stability is = the price of upgrade, then go for it. I just hope they fix the issues that we're seeing over on the 750 side.
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    I though I remembered seeing that you could not get a new account for 6 months after canceling. maybe longer.

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