I had a chance to spend a few hours with a 750v. I actually set it up in a very similar manner to my 700w's setup.

I was pretty excited to try a 700 series treo that hadn't been casterated in the memory department. Some things I noticed off the bat:

The 750 is very light, so much lighter than the 700w that I was concerned it wouldnt fair as well as the 700 in a fall. The 650 seems much more sturdy in comparison to the 750.

I am not sure how much it matters to you, but to me I was concerned I would break it quickly (without a case).

The next thing I noticed was the Stylus was difficult (for me) to get out. The "sticky" paint on the back certainly ensures that the stylus will never fall out, but I kept fumbling for it everytime I grabbed it.

I am not sure where the processor is vs the 700, but I really felt that the 700 was a bit zippier than the 750, not much faster, but a little bit.

The only things on either desktop is the hidelogo, inbox, search, calendar.

Next up, the outlook folder swapping - After all my wishing for the "goto-folders", Hannip was kind enough to make a mortscript to accomplish this on the 700. I actually found I missed the simplicity of the side button opening the folders (1 step) vs the menu, goto, folder (3 step) Palm OEM. I thought it was a bit easier (hannips).

The other strange (to me) thing is on the desktop, there is a separate today screen item for inbox (email) or messaging (text). On the 700, the messaging tab handles both email & text messages. I think that is a better way to do it. Otherwise, you need two items open (no today notifications for texts if you shut off that today item). Not sure if that makes sense, but for me, I get maybe 10 texts per week, not worth the real estate on my today screen, but the 700 combines both.

Then again, with the palm sms app, you cant scroll from the outlook email, then dpad right (or left) to get to your texts. You have to leave outlook & open the other messaging app. Again, I am not a big text person, but I found the older way better (for me).

I was also surprised that with the extra memory, that the unit wasnt speedier. I know memory doesnt have anything to do with speed, but from all the reports of the 700w vs the 700wx, I was expecting a performance boost. It was nice to open PIE, play around, go back & the web page was still there (nothing like the very basic things to impress me).

I have no comment on the minisd vs SD. I could see the latch getting broken from frequent soft resets though (it shares the area with the minisd).

I didnt play with it long enough to see a difference in battery life (I keep my treo pluged in most of the time when I can).

I didnt touch on the BT aspect of things (either voice dialing or A2DP).

The keyboard was a little off for me (no idea why).

I had thought that as soon as the 700wx was ready for verizon, I would dive on it (& I still might), I might not be in such a rush now.