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    Hey guys ....

    I got the 750 yesterday. Initially I was thrilled, but now I'm having issues.

    Problem: When turning the phone on, it is "frozen" in a sense. I have access to the soft keyboard and the Volume and Alt buttons, and I can receive a call, but nothing else. Across the top bar is the word Start (which does nothing when clicked), and My Info along with the owner info I put in is on the screen. Pushing the windows button or the function - ok button for task manager does nothing.

    Installed apps:

    HSDPA hack
    Slingbox viewer

    Soft and warm resets do not fix this, it just boots back into the same useless screen. Only way to fix it is a hard reset, which sucks

    Any ideas?
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    i would return it asap. then try another. you only have 30 days to get out completely. you'll want to get a device that works right.

    sometime there are just lemons.
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    I had some issues out of the box too. Then I did a hard reset and everything was okay. That is really a cardinal rule of purchasing a new pda phone that I forgot to follow: first thing to do before customizing and installing 3rd party apps is to hard reset.
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    Quote Originally Posted by codyppc View Post
    i would return it asap. then try another. you only have 30 days to get out completely. you'll want to get a device that works right.

    sometime there are just lemons.
    I bought it on eBay, from a seller who sold it "new in box, as is", so I can't return it to them. Would a Cingular store swap it out under the terms of the Palm warranty?
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    So I figured out how to reproduce this ... right after installing Good OTA, when the "Your IT administrator has changed your system policy blah blah" and it makes me set a password ....

    If it times out and turns off OR if I do a soft reset after that point, the phone is useless. It's like the OS *is* operating in the background, since I can access some features and I can explore when it's docked, but I just can't seem to get to the password screen to enter the PW to unlock it.

    Maybe I should call Good?
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    Sounds like it's Good causing your issues. Good historically has been a resource hog (aka bloatware). Every device I see Good get installed on impacts the performance. Some might have difference experiences though.
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    I've heard a lot of bad things about good. Good is bad. haha.
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    i've worked around the issue by "closing" the good "create pw" prompt (using magic button).

    Not ideal because I'd like to have a password on my device, so I'm hoping maybe this is a known bug that Good can address ...
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    I will confer that almost every major problem I have had on all 4 of my PDAs can be positively linked to Goodlink. You have to tweak it incessantly just to get it to not cripple the rest of the OS and programs. But I will say that the 750 has handled this piece of @#$$% software better than any of my previous devices (SX66, 8125, 8525).
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    Mine locks up when making a call every now and then and I have no new software installed.

    My 750 is Brand New out of a sealed Cingular box with this locking up problem.
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    I had a problem this morning.
    It's as if it were working perfectly, but I couldn't unlock the keypad.
    I could wake up the screen, but I just couldn't clear the keypad lock message by pressing the center button.
    I did a stylus-reset and it was fine after that. At first I thought the cener button had died, but no, it definitely was software.

    I do not use Good. My problem sounds a little different, though.
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    Taylorh, mine did exactly the same thing yesterday and I had to reset it as well. It locked up just as you described. And I also do not have that good software.
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    Everyone that is having problems out of the box: hard reset.
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    I initially had a fe issues and I narrowed it down to batti. I uninstalled, hard-reset, re-installed everything except batti and all has been well since.
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    For what it is worth I have Good and have had not issues. Yes it is a resource hog but the 750 seems to me to have the memory capacity to handle. 650 was a different story--once Good was installed everything else nearly had to go on a SD card. I have had about 3 fatal errors when running good (C0000005 error code) and all I had to do was restart Good--the phone did not lock up. None in the last week and a half since I updated to their newest version which my IT department pushed out to me.

    I agree with everyone else. Perform a hard reset and while you are at it follow the advice for making sure your battery gets a full initial charge as they always ship partially charged and can give false readings.
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