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    Hey all, I posted here about a month ago asking for help syncing my Outlook 2007 contacts with the Palm Treo 700wx. Nobody responded so I proceeded to enter 150+ contacts manually, it took hours.

    I recently tried to run "nyditot virtual display" and it asked me to restart my device for changes to take effect. Now my Treo will boot up, the loading bar will freeze at the very end and I cannot get into my phone. Is there any way to back up my information from my phone without actually having the phone boot up all the way?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    I know in the 650 there is a boot that is like safe mode, it lets you access data, but does not load drivers.
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    Did you use SPB or Sprite backup? If so, they should save your contacts by default. Restore from the last backup and you should be set up (obviously if its frozen you'll have to do a hard reset).

    As far as syncing your contacts in Outlook, if you've installed ActiveSync, it will ask you what you want to sync (contacts, emails, tasks, etc.) during the setup. So if you have those same contacts in Outlook 07, you can always just load it up that way after a hard reset.
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    I didn't back it up using anything. So should I just hard reset and learn a harsh lesson?
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    I think that's how its got to be. But at least you should have most of your contacts in Outlook (or can at least import them into Outlook). Hard reset, sync up, and then consider using to wirelessly sync your contacts. You can either get a free account, or you can pay $1.99 to have it display whatever outgoing address you want.

    Also, Sprite Backup is free for Sprint customers with the wx (its on the CD, or you can download it directly from Palm). That should be one of the first things you install...

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