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    I deleted my and accounts from the Treo. Didn't see the point because changes made on the device weren't synchronized at all. Found my self back on the laptop sorting through mails and re-reading some I'd already read on the device....

    Decided to try and add these two pop-accounts to outlook, in addition to my exchange account. From the laptop, its great! All my mails in one place. I chose to leave a copy on the pop servers for 30 days. Also gives me folder management and archiving.

    Also found out that all the accounts were synced to the treo! Kind of confused about this. Does/Can the exchange server pop my pop accounts automatically and push to the treo....or will I only get the pop mail on the treo after doing a send/receive from outlook and then synchronizing to exchange?
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    Your POP e-mail will not get 'pushed' unless you forward it to your Exchange account or setup Pocket Outlook to check the POP account every X amount of minutes.
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    How do you set it up to forward?

    I was setting up a friends Treo with Mail2web. Noticed they have an E-mail aggregator function that will bring in Pop, but even then they recommend forwarding.

    So if I tell the pop server to forward mail to my exchange account, then I should remove the pop accounts from Outlook. I don't have them set up as separate accounts in Pocket outlook.

    It just seems like I should be able to tell the exchange server to pop my pop accounts and aggregate my mail, even if I'm not on line.
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    Yes, you can delete the POP accounts from the phone if you forward/aggregate them to the Exhange account.

    Yo forward your POP accounts usually you need to access them through the web portal and go to options. For example, to forward my Roadrunner e-mail I go to and access the forwarding options from there.

    If you don't find them anywhere, then you'd have to use the aggregator.

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