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    What is the best IM(yahoo,aim) program for the 750?
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    I use IM+, and have no problems with it

    There is also a European version of AIM floating around. I tried it, but didn't like it too much

    IM+ is NOT free, its getting harder and harder to find free IM programs
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    i bought im+ and love it since it's free upgrades for life of phone and no anual fee like agile
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    i'm using im+ also and it seems to work fine for me so far.
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    I just discovered a free program called imov. I'm going to try it out.
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    Here's another entrant, that looks pretty promising so far:

    Found from here:
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    I played around with Octro a little yesteday and was able to login to AIM. It was designed for google talk, but now works with other protocols. You must have a gtalk account for this to work with any of the protocols.
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