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    Oh, I should point out that I am still on a Treo 650 Palm OS - I am strongly considering changing to a 750 with WM.

    So, I invite anybody to tell me if the apps I mentioned don't work or aren't worth my time.

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    Hello Everybody, this is my first time to join in any forum especially this forum for Smart phones. can i send my questions or querries on this thread?
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    I bought a Palm Treo 750smart device from a friend who got back from the US. the fone is AT&T connected back in the US but now since im in the Philippines, im using SMART network. I am having problems though in sending MMS as well as connecting to the internet. I would like to ask if there is a program or something which unlocks the fone so I can navigate the internet or perhaps just be able to send an MMS to a recipient? The only thing i can do with the fone right now is to send SMS. i need help or any assistance on this. thanks
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    Hi does anyone recommend any free video player for my treo 750, my last phone i had was the HTC apache and i had downloaded tcpmp which was great i could watch my avi movies on it, but windows media wont let me on my treo 750 so does anyone know of any decent software.

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    [B]I used to own a Treo 600 on the Sprint network...[B] Now I have the Treo 750w, on the AT&T network. I would like to know if there's still away I can update the software from version 5 to Windows Mobile 6 or 6.1... Can anyone help me?? I'm trying to get away from a Blackberry Curve w/ No Sound, and go back to Window Mobile for GOOD! Plus I'd like to kit the Treo out w/ my 4gb memory card. Please help. someone... PLEASE?!
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