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    For Treo 750 users, this thread was copied from the 700w/wx suggested sticky thread, following the tradition started by Sunmoon. Although majority of the threads here comes from the 700w/wx forum, the suggestions are applicable for the 750 users as well.

    If you have some more suggestions that are exclusively for the 750 or threads listed here that do not apply to the 750, please PM me ASAP.

    Thank you for the suggestion by scottymomo for Treo 750 forum users.

    General Guidelines

    Forum Use Guidelines, Please Read Before Posting

    Must Have's, Killer Apps, Replacement Apps, etc.

    Must Have's

    List of *must have programs* for your 700w...

    Most essential apps & tweaks & why...

    What are the Killer Apps for the WM5/WX?

    best FREE apps for the 700w/wx?

    best replacements apps

    CityID Beta now available

    Microsoft Voice Command 1.6 is here!


    Windows Live Search native client

    700wx - Today weather plugin that shows current temp

    Fixes and Solutions

    SMS and MMS messaging
    Step By Step Install: Sms Threading

    Threaded SMS from the 750v -- NOW WORKING ON THE 700wx!!!

    Palm Sms Patch Released!!

    Issues Sending text messages to other cell carriers (and the fix.)

    mms hack help

    Functional Fixes and Registry Hacks
    Vista 32 750 USB driver, from 'The Solutor' of course

    Treo 750 USB modem driver for XP 64 (maybe Vista64)

    Stop Activesync Trick ( link)

    Extensions in Contacts Trick

    700W-Fix for lower memory limits...

    WM05 Registry Hacks

    Has anyone done this to speed up your internet?

    Is there any way to have the date show next to the time and battery icon?

    Tester Needed: Remove Carrier logo

    700w won't power on? (Solution provided)

    Hack: Modify Left Softkey for PalmMessaging

    Let's add A2DP to the 700w/wx

    A possible way to add A2DP to the Treo 700w?

    How To Stuff

    What does your 700w Today Screen look like?
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    This is still a work in process.

    I will start unsticking the other threads that are referred here.

    Any suggested thread would be welcome. Just send a PM to my attention.
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    Just added two suggestions from The Solutor. Thanks for your contribution to the community. Keep them suggestions coming.

    Vista 32 750 USB driver, from 'The Solutor' of course

    Treo 750 USB modem driver for XP 64 (maybe Vista64)
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