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    I'll try and keep this short. I thought I had some corruption on my SANDISK 1GB miniSD card, so I did a hard reset and then tried using Sprite to restore. When the restore completed the phone application will not start but most of the applications still work.
    The phone shows "No Service" there is a very fast error message that flashes when the phone reboots but I can't make out what it is all I can read as it's popping up is Voice Command. I looked at voice command and it is not enabled, but I still don't understand why the Phone application will not work.
    The phone will also not be recognized by activesync.

    Any help would be appreciated.
    I restore 2 times from the SD card (Possibly corrupted)
    and 1 time from the Computer.

    I also sent my backuplog.txt to Sprite and called them in New Zealand, but they are of little help, they say the restore looks ok.
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