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    I've done a fair amount of searching and haven't been able to find a definite answer. I have been using my Treo 750 for 2 days now and haven't been able to get it to allow me to use both of my email accounts with true push. I have one going through Cingular Xpress mail which is theoretically "push" and the other through the outlook. I am accustomed to using Chatter, which I had for my 650 and am wondering if there is any program like that out that will work on the 750.
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    Try vgsmail.
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    Use i forward my gmail to my mail2web account and now have push email. It is a free hosted exchange server.
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    mail2web i've found is extremely slow. so slow that it cant be considered push.
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    You technically can't have 2 separate Exchange push accounts. You may be able to do that via a 3rd party solution (like Goodlink, for example), but I don't have any suggestions on that end for you.

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