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    It's taken me a day of using my new device to cotton onto this. So hopefully the information is of use to someone else too.

    One thing I felt I was missing from my 650 device was something referred to as "Reverse DUN". Sharing of my PC's wired broadband connection to the phone and sparing your precious (euro) data plan. This used to be possible on the PalmOS devices either by using a third party app or using Bluetooth's PAN profile to bounce the connection. Only the 750 doesn't appear to have PAN features for Bluetooth.

    Enter ActiveSync. Which by default, when you connect your phone via the USB cable and sync, brings up a new network interface on your PC. Automagically you'll find that data connections from your phone are then bounced over this point-to-point link and not over UMTS! Likewise if you setup ActiveSync over Bluetooth and sync, you'll discover that you have short range wireless for free.
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    I have been using this for over a month on my 750. Cause we have crazy data rates here in canada also. It does work great and it is fast.
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    I miss the PAN feature. I have a bluetooth network access point (Belkin) that I used with my Treo 650. It mattered since the bluetooth was a bit faster than EDGE.
    But even though I have unlimited data, I'd prefer to use bluetooth while at home. I got a spectec MinSD wifi card, but it only works for about 15 mins before crapping out and I have to reset it. Besides that it's a bit of a PITA to swap the card.

    Thanks for this tip. I never thought of using BT activesync to do this. I'll set it up on my server at home (always on, always availble) and try to create an access point this way.

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