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    I bought the 750v from phonesource-use today. They told me that the following when I asked about which ROM is has:
    "It has an unlocked OEM WINDOWS MOBILE 5. It does have 2 vodafone logos on the outside of the phone, but thatís as far as it goes"

    Anyone know anything about this ? I will be using this on tmobile, so I will only be using EDGE for now. Should I be trying to put either the Vodafone or Cingular ROM on asap ? or should I be fine ?

    Any known bugs/problems ?
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    It will most likely have the Vodafone ROM on it.
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    The vodaphone ROM seems to be 100% unbraded (meaning no add-ons from Vodaphone) so I agree, probably the voda ROM.
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    The way you can check is go to Settings>System>About>Phone>

    On the Vodaphone that I have it says TREO750-1.15-VFE
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    Firmware Version: 1.12.0a.00
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    If you stay with T-Mobile, you'll be stuck with EDGE for the life of the phone.

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