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    Mine finally shipped this evening vis USPS... at least I got the email from Amazon! I ordered on the 24th, and initially got the mid Feb date. I called and asked about the ship date since it now shows available on Amazon website. The rep refresh (or did something) and it changed it to Feb 2nd. Can't wait!
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    Mine shipped yesterday and I should get it sometime today. It shipped directly from Palm (shows that it shipped from Louisville, KY. That's the same place orders ship from if you order directly from Palm.

    I also have an arctic Treo 680 on the way, but I won't get that until next week.

    Can't wait. I'm going to compare the two and see which I like better, then return the one I don't like.
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    I received mine yesterday, a day late. Amazon refunded the $12 shipping (which I hadn't really paid in the first place since they had given me a credit initially for free shipping) plus another $10 for my "trouble".

    It's very nice, but there was a glitch activating my data service which I finally got cleared up by Cingular data tech support this morning (despite three other Cingular reps not seeing the problem). I had to call a Cingular automated service to activate - very smooth.
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    Finally got my 750 today. It's sitting there charging right now. So tempted to play with it.
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    Same here. I received mine today as well.. About to charge it now...
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    anyone save that rebate? they changed the Treo 750 for sale on amazon and I cant find where I saved the rebate!!!!
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    Click on the rebate link. It's the same rebate, but now they've added the extra $25 rebate from Amazon since they raised the price. Check the purchase by date. No need to panic, just have to read. The Cingular rebates on Amazon site stands, but the Amazon one does not apply unless you bought the phone in Feb.
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    Ok, got my 750 yesterday, then signed up on Cingular's website for the online account management stuff. I added my Premiere discount, dropped the $39.99 data plan and switched to MediaWorks 200.

    When is Amazon supposed to charge me the $250? After the 30 day return period passes?
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    Is it confirmed that Amazon will charge the $250 if only the data plan is dropped?
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    I would assume if Amazon will charge you the $250 fee it will be after your first 30 days since you can return it within that time frame anyway.

    If they do charge you the $150 however, you are till paying the same cash price as Cingular charges after rebate. So, still not a bad deal.
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    Ok, so I've had my 750 for a day now. First thing I did was charge the thing overnight. Then before doing anything else, I did a hard reset. Overall, it's sluggish compared to my 700WX. Just pressing and holding the down button on the 5-way when scrolling down a folder or a site (site has fully loaded already) is really laggy. Same lagginess is also there when just lowering or raising volume with the volume keys on the side. In the little popup with the volume sliders, the sliders lag.

    Don't know if I'm going to keep it at this point.

    Well, I'm going to return this one to Amazon. I chose replacement though instead of refund. This one has two dead pixels. A blue one near the center of the screen and a red one around 2cm above the blue one.
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    i bought my treo 750 from amazon and their activation instructions are NOT as simple as they make it out to be.

    i have a new line of service, no clue what my phone number is because they haven't told me. the phone has been on for 35 hours now and i have not received a text message with my phone number despite the amazon response of "you will receive a text within 15 minutes." the phone says no service although everyone else in my house has cingular and has reception and we also live in a major city.

    anyone else having this problem??
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    When you received your 750, there should have been a small sheet of paper (the packing slip) and I think it showed you new cingular number on it. Otherwise, call Cingular. They'll ask for your social security number and can get your new number that way.

    When I got mine, all I had to do was put my SIM card in and charge the battery. It just worked.
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