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    Is the light suppose to be blinking in the 750, I guess they call it the status light. it only lights up when the phone is charging(red) and then it turns green(when fully charged).

    Is there a setting where we have to turn it on, or it just doesnt blink in this phone...

    Thanks, Carlos
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    It doesn't blink at all as far as a network status notification. There are many threads around (here and 700w) regarding this. Some people are glad, some are unhappy. Personally, I don't care either way.
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    The LED can be made to serve a (useful) purpose. Hannip has posted a way to use mortscript so that the LED flashes if you miss a call, receive a voicemail, or new email.

    My buddy Phil over at Mobility Today has even modified the mortscript so when you come out of vibrate mode, the LED will flash if you have something waiting.

    Phil's version of the script can be found here:
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    Any way to have the LED stay solid orange or flash fast green? I've seen only the slow blinking green so far (like phone alarm does and I believe the scripts can do as well)
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    Not using the standard NLED api. Someone would have to write a program that accesses the led driver directly to do that I think.
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    I chated with TB_TB_TB about that driver being added to his current ledup build a couple weeks ago.It's not going to happen.
    We must start from scratch to get orange and red led color.

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