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    So no OBEX for the Treo 750? I got mine from Cingular and I have been trying to send files from my laptop (or even a Samsung phone I have) to my treo through bluetooth with no success.

    The only service reported by my laptop when pairing is DUN. Whenever I try to send a file from my laptop, it gives me an error that this operation is not supported.

    This is strange. The Treo 650 I had had OBEX in it. Is there something I'm missing? I thought maybe I should disable DUN to have OBEX available (just like the old days of my 650) but I don't see how could this be done here. Btw, I searched but couldn't find anything that talks about an OBEX profile problem. Sorry if I missed.
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    If it's the same as the 700's you have to select to receive all incoming beams to load the obex service. It's a Beam setting in the Connections tab at Start-Settings.
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    You can send files easily to the 750. Go to settings, connections, beams. As hannip says check the receiving all incoming beams and it will be fine.

    They really should document this. This is the probably the 100th time I've seen this question asked. It's also very annoying since this setting seems to check turning itself off after a soft reset.
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    Thank you all for the help... I never thought "beam" has something to do with the bluetooth functionality of the device. I thought it's for IR beaming only.

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