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    Over the past month or so I have noticed that I am loosing some emails. There are a couple of sceneriose that I've noticed. Hopefully they are all related and there is one solution but at the moment I'm stumped.

    1) I've received several emails (through pop server) on my treo only to discover they had vanished a while later before I ever opened them.

    2) I was recently on a cruise and did not check my email for several days. I logged in using and had zero emails (this is not remotely possible based on normal junk email alone) I think verizon would be the only possible source that could have downloaded the email because nothing else was even powered on to access my account.

    Initially I used Verizon's wireless sync but discontinued when I replaced my treo. (trying to save battery) Could this be the culprit? I have been unable to find anything by looking on verizon's website.
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    Regarding the disappearing emails on your treo - as soon as you download pop3 emails to your home computer and they disappear from the pop server, the next treo email download will cause them to delete from the treo inbox. The way to save them on your treo is to save them to a different folder than the inbox before deleting them from the pop3 server. I don't know about your second issue - guess is that they're downloading somewehere else. Is your home computer set to automatically download emails on a time schedule?
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    Russ, are you sure about that? Prior to my using Exchange, I used to have my desktop Outlook leave a copy on the server for 5 days, giving my Treo and laptop ample time to download it before wiping it from the server. After those 5 days, however, the message remained on my Treo...

    Jeremy, I don't know anything about Verizon's wireless sync, but if you replaced your Treo I don't think there's any way for that previous service to access your emails. What is your setup exactly? I know you mentioned mail2web, so are you using their push exchange? Are you also using a POP server? If it's a POP, how are you checking your emails other than with your Treo?

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