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    I have had my Cingular Palm Treo 750 for about a week and have noticed several issues:

    -when security code lock is on, the phone cannot be answered when it is ringing

    -system sounds disappear spontaneously requiring a soft reset

    -gwes error appears spontaneously for "no apparent reason"

    -2GB mini SD card has plenty of memory, yet the device pops up a screen telling me that it is out of memory space

    -poor battery life-drains to critically low overnight when not in use

    Are any other Treo 750 users experiencing the above issues?

    My sounds all went away this morning but came back after a reset. I would really like to know why this happened so I can avoid it happening in the future.
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    I have also noticed issues with sound all of a sudden disappearing. Soft reset appears the only way to fix it.

    I have also noticed sometimes when I plug the wall charger into the phone, the phone vibrates for several minutes. The first time this happened for so long I was forced to unplug the charger because I didnt think it would stop. Plugged the charger back in and got a short vibrate like normal.

    When I'm in a weak UTMS area with one or two bars I'm getting a lot of dropped calls. After the call drops I look down at the phone and I notice its rolled over to a GSM/GPRS signal. Honestly is dosen't look like the network build out for 3G is as far along as I thought, in Houston at least. UTMS coverage is esp. poor in buildings, my Treo is constantly going in and out of UTMS. I wonder if this is contributing to the battery issues I've been having.
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    I lost sound the other day also- missed a couple of calls.
    I removed spb pocket plus to see if that solves it since they have know issues with WM Treos...
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    I just got my Treo 750 yesterday. I too notice that the sound will cut out for no apparent reason. If I hard switch to silent, the Treo won't vibrate until I soft reset. I hope someone comes up with a solution to this. It is a real pain.
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    I am also having this problem, and I hope someone from Palm will read this because it seems to be a legitimate bug with the 750, and an extremely annoying one at that....
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    i have the 750v and have not notices this issue (yet); i'll be on the lookout now...
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    Well here is an odd one i can send MMS but not receive any mms. Someone on howard had the same issue nad he said xpressmail might be the cause cause after isntalling xpressmail his mms don't work no more. I just uninstall xpressmail but i still don't get mms. Wonder why.
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    This really sucks...

    I' having more and more issues with the 750. I left VZW and a 700w for this buggy thing. The 700w on VZW may have been severely crippled but the phone just flat out worked and worked well, granted it has had a ROM upgrade.

    Its obvious the 750 is in need of a serious ROM update... I cant believe the issues we're having made it past QA!
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