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    Anyone figured out how to copy/set up playlists on Treo?
    I have my Windows Media Player on my desktop set up to manually sync. I can sync music files fine. But when I right click a playlist on my desktop and choose sync, all it does is copy the files in the playlist, not the playlist itself.
    Any ideas?
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    I had the same trouble. Ended up having to set up separate folders on the Treo with the music in the order I wanted and manually navigating to the folder as a playlist. It works but it's more cumbersome than it should be so I'd like to know the steps, too.
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    Thanks for reply. Didnt think of that workaround, thanks for that.
    Bit cumbersome as you say, anyone got the answer?
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    creating/editing playlists is a problem I have been facing since I got my new treo. I'd love to know how it's done.

    Also, I can't seem to be able to "paste" a url in the "Open URL" dialogue. This is annoying. As a workaround, I paste the url into PIE, which would cause WMP to open the URL. Can someone shed some light on these issues?
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    There are two ways to sync using WMP, manual and auto. Only auto will create your playlists on the treo. In the auto sync settings you just select the playlists you want to sync and away you go.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pantherer View Post
    Also, I can't seem to be able to "paste" a url in the "Open URL" dialogue. This is annoying.
    You can use the on-screen popup keyboard to paste via ctrl-v. I use a MortScript** CopyPaste script to do it.


    ** Requires installation of MortScript v4 which can be downloaded here
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    I use WMP11 and I click the Sync tab and I drag the playlist I want to sync to the Sync pane. I click sync, it adds all of the songs, and leaves a playlist on my device. Just hit menu on the Treo in WMP, hit Library, hit update. Once that finishes, go back into Menu-Library and choose Storage Card. Go to Library and then Playlist, and there's my sync'd playlist. Click on it and it plays my playlist exactly like it is on my desktop. This has worked great for me for a long time. 8125 a year ago, 8525, and now Treo 750.

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