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    I have a treo 750v and I have both cingular and T-mobile sim cards, when I have the cingular sim card in the phone I can use the internet on th phone, when I pop the T-mobile sim card in the phone I cannot use the internet can someone please help me adjust the settings on my 750 so I can use my T-mobile card b/c I honestly prefer T-mobile over cingular ecspecially now that AT&T is gonna be taking cingular over. If someone would help me that would be great.
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    if you do a search on T-Mobile GPRS settings, there are some threads that walk you through setting up a pocket pc (the 750 is) for internet and mms access. Alot depends on what service you are subscribed to, tzones, t-mobile internet or t-mobile vpn. There is info on howard forums as well.
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