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    I can't get my bluetooth headset to stay on when listening to media player. I connects and plays for a few seconds, then disconnects. Any advise?
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    I had the same problem with my 750 and Plantronics Voyager 510 BT headset. I tried btaudio and bluetunes without success.

    If anyone got things working with the above combination, please let me know

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    BTtoggle does NOT work with Treo 750. Any other help?
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    Same problem here,
    Ever since I tweaked the the tytn to keep the BT audio gateway open, (so to listen to mp3's thru a headset), I've wanted to do it on the treo's but have had no success. I know I can get a BT headphone that supports the a2dp profile, but I kinda like the smallness of a headset & don't care about audio quality...any tweaks or help is appreciated...below is how it was done with previous WM devices:
    UPDATE: An easier way is to use a registry editor and go to:
    ..Then change the path value to:
    \Program Files\Voice Command\voicecmd.exe
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    hmm, I thought for sure btaudiotoggle would work. Sorry.

    Can someone add this value to their registry and see if it keeps your audio connection going longer.


    Set it to 0x15180 (86400)

    You'll have to add the VoiceCmdDuration value if it isn't already there.

    If someone can confirm this works I can write a quick MortScript to turn it on and off.

    Attached are some reg files you could import to change the value between long and normal duration.
    Attached Files Attached Files
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    I'm willing to try. Where and how do I get to the registry on the 750?
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    You have to use a registry editor such as Resco Registry editor. There are other registry editors out there, but the Resco one is the most user friendly imo.
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    I tried to import those files but it wouldn't, unknown error. I manually added the string but nothing has happened. What should be happening? No more length to the time the headset stays connected.
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    hmm, did you soft reset and try it? It's possible it doesn't work. By putting a large value for VoiceCmdDuration it should keep the audio connection open when you activate voice command from your headset.
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    I did a soft reset and same. When I manually added the value, it ended up showing as VoiceCmdDuration 0x3B4C (15... And that is all I can see. If I add it manually, is it binary, dword, string???
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    Oh, thanks for your help so far!
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    36400 dec, but any large number should've made a difference. I guess this reg change doesn't work on the 750.

    Have any of you tried using JETware handsfree extension? From my past experience with it I remember it leaving the audio gateway open when you hit the headset button until you hit the button again. Can anyone confirm if it works that way on the 750?

    (Once I get my 750 I hope to be more useful in this forum)
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    Amazon is selling 750 for $99. Check them out.
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    yep, ordered last week for $99.
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    JetWare doesnt do the trick. Damn... What now??? I just want to listen to my music over my headset.
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    get a2dp headphones? I'm not sure you'll be happy with the quality of music over a headset. For reading or TV listening it's ok, but I wouldn't try to listen to music over one.
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    it's really good enough for me. I would like to just have some streaming music in my ear, then when I get a call, I can just answer it, then go back to my music. Instead of having my headset on my ear waiting for a call. Quality isn't big deal to me. Thanks though.
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    I have these and they can do both calls and listen to music. They have music controls also which are nice.
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    Looks really good. but doesn't look professional to have that on throughout the day. With a headset, it just looks like everyone else that wears them but no one knows that I'm listening to music. It would be cool if I could disconnect one of them and just wear one on one ear.
    When you suppose to get your treo?
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