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    I just noticed that whenever I connect my Treo to my laptop with the provided usb cable, I lose my connection to my wireless router ?! When I disconnect it it has a bear of a time reconnecting, requiring at least a reboot or I have to reenter connection info to my router. Its weird but theres definitely something wrong. I also noticed when I connect my phone to my laptop, not only does the laptop disconnect from my wireless router, but the phone too becomes unable to connect to the internet. Anyone have any idea what is going on?
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    What version of Active Sync are you using? I would recommend getting the newest non-beta version.

    I have a Dell Axim x51v and a Cingular 3125, both WM5 and an older Audiovox SMT5600 with WM 2003SE. All three do the same thing, but my wireless connection usually comes back while my devices are syncing. I do notice that the WiFi and BT on my x51v shut off while they are connected to my laptop. The x51v can pull down data to sync some software on it through my laptops WiFi connection my Linksys router.

    Also, check and make sure the firmware for your router is up to date and also your laptop's WiFi cards drivers.
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    Im running 4.2 of Activesync. I had no problems with my 8125 but I havent synched that in a long time. Theres not a problem with my wireless cards drivers. Im lost and would rather not update the firmware on the router without knowing that that is definitely my problem.

    I found this post that sounds like the last post is close to my problem but theres no real answer:

    Ive also posted on Howard Forums and so far theres one other guy that has the same issue though he also doesnt have a solution. Laptop is an IBM x41 if that helps at all.

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