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    (Colorado is in deep freeze so TV has become my friend.)

    I've been using Pocket TV Browser for many years now and it is very good. I've enjoyed it on my Treo 700w for over 1 year and plan to continue to use it as long as zap2it provides listings and it works on my PPC devices.

    Pros: PTVB pros are too numerous to list here. The search feature is extensive. You can track and save favorite programs, artists, channels, etc and set calendar entries (private -- thank God) which will notify you and give you time to set your DVR (via Slingplayer) if you are not able to watch it live. All of the program information is in the calendar entry which is great if you want to send it out in an email. There is a forum for support.

    - Some configuration options can't be performed on the square screen. Most are not important, however. Since I've used it on other devices, I just make the adjustments on another device and copy the registry entries over to my 700w. Users on the forum can provide registry information also.
    - Listings can be LARGE (over 1MB)
    - It requires a workstation to get the listings to the device.

    I've been looking for an OTA/Off-line app so I can get my laptop out of the equation. I recently discovered this one:


    + Supports 700w square screen
    + Supports the 5-way
    + Relatively fast OTA download
    + Free
    + Supports zap2it
    + Reminders can be set (no calendar entry)

    It lacks in many areas but these are the most notable:
    - Can only see listings channel by channel. You can't see the entire list of programs being shown at that moment. You can use the 5-way to go from channel to channel.
    - The listings are sorted by channel name and zap2it doesn't aways handle that correctly.
    - Program does not download the channel number.
    - The listing screen does not show the channel name. You must remember which channel you selected and remember where you left off.

    Pocket TV Listings is usable according to this thread:

    I haven't tried PTVL because it doesn't seem to offer anything more than the grid format over Pocket TV Browser but lacks PTVB's extensive search features.

    Online Listings
    TV Guide works but it is often slooooooooow.

    Any other thoughts on these or alternatives for the 700w/wx?
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    I use ptvl. even though it doesn't have a search that work, I like the rest of it.

    another option is the tv guide that is with on demand.
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    I use PTVL.

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    I developed one for Palm as there was no good, free alternative at the time (in my opinion) that didn't require a PC, called TV2Nite. It's actually written in Java so it runs on WM, check the link for instructions on getting it running under on WM.

    Does not require a PC
    Quick retrieval of data
    Calendar support with reminders

    Requires Java
    Only lists prime time (8-11pm)
    Only lists channels: nbc,abc,cbs,fox,my,cw,scifi,comedy
    Must use third party app for scheduled launching.
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    Quote Originally Posted by codyppc View Post
    I use pctv. even though it doesn't have a search that work, I like the rest of it.

    another option is the tv guide that is with on demand.
    On the Treo 700 w/wx? How?

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