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    yeah... im not sure where to put this b/c its not an app or any of the other choices...
    so i tried to show my sister the ringtone that i set for her (darth vader's theme XD) but when she called, this computer voice that sounded like an old lady was like "call from jess on mobile phone". it never did it before today and it seems to do it for everyone's call now... how can i shut it off?? i've been through the sounds, notifications, and user manual, but i can't find anything to shut this stupid thing up! it's just driving me insane listening to an old lady yell at you about who's calling X_X

    EDIT: oh yea... its a 700wx. the ringtone plays and everything, its just over top of the tone is this old woman. it happens for all of them. the only thing i've done before this happened was update the PRPRPR $thing$ $or$ $whatever$ $through$ *$2$. $theres$ $also$ $no$ &$quot$;$old$ $lady$&$quot$; $option$ $in$ $the$ $sounds$ $X_X$ $lol$
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    Some details may help. If it is the 700W/WX you are talking about, it should be in sound settings and it's pretty easy to change it.

    Start/Settings/Personal/Sound & Notifications/Notifications/ and look for darthvader thingy under known/unknown callers.
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    Its voice command. There should be a setting to announce callers under the voice command settings icon in control panel.

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    ah thanx! i just turned the whole voice command off lol. but thank you so much! now i dont have some old woman interrupting my ring tones lol
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    You do know voice command is one of the Windows Mobile jewels. Its much more impressive than a nice ring tone. You can tell your Treo to play a certain track in media player, tell you your next appointment, how much battery you have left, etc. Its actually very useful.

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    Funny, because I find vc to be a pain, it delay ringer playback considerably, and slows the phone down altogether. And its a RAM hog when all features are enabled. I use it only for voice dialing.

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