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    My Treo 750v has developed an odd / impossible trait. I have the phone setup so that after 5 mins, I have to enter a 4 digit code to use the device -- part of the Settings -> Lock process.

    Usually, and inbound call would ring, I'd get an indication of the number etc, press the green phone button or the "Answer" soft key and talk away.

    Now what is happening is that the phone rings, there is no indication on the screen of the number, no "Answer" soft key and the green phone button will not answer the call. I get the security screen, type in my 4 digit code and *then* I can answer, unless the other person has already hung up in which case the phone just keeps ringing.

    I have not installed anything new, not knowingly changed any settings.

    Has anyone seen anything like this? Obviously renders the 750v pretty useless for taking inbound calls!


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    I have had my Cingular Treo 750 for about a week and I am having the same issue-VERY frustrating! In order to use the device in this condition I have temporarily set the security screen to come up after 1 hour of no use(I generally use the device constantly during the day), and installed Splash ID to hold my sensitive info. (passwords, codes, etc.) in the meantime while Palm finds a way around this obvious bug.

    Is anyone else having this problem, or do most people not turn on the security code feature??
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    Having the same problem with my Cingular 750. Seems to be something that only happens if the pin lock has been "engaged" for a while (i.e. I have not used the phone for a half hour or more). It's a real challenge to get my pin entered before the caller hangs up. I've bumped the lock timeout up to 15 minutes but it still happens. I do have the HSPDA hack installed....sure hope the next firmware fixes this!

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