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    Well I thinking of going back to Cingular from verizon and getting my self a nice new 750V, my only concern is the fact that Verizon offers insurance for PDA's and Cingular did not when I left. Does any one know if this has changed?
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    I purchased the Treo 750v from the Cingular store. The rep told me that they do not insure high end phones due to excessive fraudulent claims. I hope this helps.
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    I have read good things about The cingular associate that sold me my 750 recommended it. It cost me $78 a year for $650 worth of coverage.
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    I have a safeware policy that covers my Treo and my Ipod. Cost me around $65. I have not made a claim yet so I don't know how good there service is, but I read alot of good reviews on the internet about them.

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