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    hmm, that's weird. Ok, well you can try manually adding the dword value. Use Resco Registry to navigate to key


    Then go to Menu-New-DWORD Value

    in the Name field enter VoiceCmdDuration
    Select Dec for the Base and enter 86400 in the DWORD data field.
    Hit Done, click Menu-Exit. Then use a reset app to soft reset. Don't use the stylus in the hole method or you may lose the change.

    Attached is a reset app if you don't have one.
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    did that, nothing. I have a short video recorded, when I start to play it, I press my bt headset (jabra bt350), it engaged, then the mic shows up on the 750, the mic goes away and the I can hear over the head for 2 seconds, then off, back to speaker.
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    oh well, I tried. Like I said in a parallel thread, JETWare's handsfree extension might leave the audio gateway open. Waiting for someone to confirm or deny.
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    JetWare doesn't work!
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    You have to just say it all at once and it connects fine. Just say "call xxxxx at work" and it goes right through.

    Quote Originally Posted by jwein84 View Post
    My plantronics 655 works with VC 1.5. One problem I have noticed though is that although I can push the button on the head set and say "Call xxxxx" if there is more than one number for that person I have to say mobile, home, etc. but the bluetooth headset drops before that part so I have to say it through the phone. Has anybody else experienced this and if so how do I fix it?
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    I'm using a BluespoonAX2 headset and most of the time I can issues a full command and all works OK. However I have noticed a few issues.

    First if I issue many simultaneously voice commands from the headset eventually the headset disconnects early in the repeat of the voice dial prompt. Pushing the headset call button a second time seems to enable the completion of the voice prompt but Voice command hangs. From that point on Voice command won't function form the headset or a preprogrammed hard button. To recover I must do a soft reset. Is there a utility to kill a hung process on the Treo 750?

    Second, Sometimes if the headset disconnects the completion of the Voice prompt is heard on the speaker.

    Third, Incomming call Voice prompts of the contact or phone number are not forwarded to the headset. This would be a nice feature.
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