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    Love using Exchange Active sync for my primary e-mail. Able to use folders, move messages, reply and forward. The big plus is that the data is all the same on the device, the laptop or Web Access. The only downside is lack of HTML viewing. Hopefully that will be upgraded in the future.

    1. Anyone have luck with Flexmail? Read a thread a while back saying it was too bugy to be useful?

    Main problem for me is accessing my other e-mail accounts: a account and regular pop from my cable co. I loved using the yahoo go application because it kind of worked like active sync allowing for folder management and synchronization of all changes to the Web access account. However, I stopped using it a couple of weeks ago because it was pointed out here that it was causing the problem of not being able to forward mail. Other instabilities as well.

    2. Has anyone had better luck with yahoo go?

    Currently using Pocket Outlook to pop the yahoo and the other pop account. Really don't see the point because changes aren't schronized (deleted, moved, read).

    3. What would happen if I set up these other emails within Outlook from the laptop? Would they be pulled in from activesync or does it only work with the primary e-mail? I kind of like keeping co and personal mails separate.

    Guessing that the built in Pocket MSN is pretty stable and from what I've read, it allows for folder management and sync with hotmail.

    4. Anyone using the Pocket MSN? Do u have to get a .hotmail address?

    Thanks for any input here.
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    Looks like Yahoo Go has moved on to 2.0 beta and dropped WM...
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    Yahoo Go was definitely my culprit...much more stable now. Haven't had to hard reset in over a week?

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