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    I am having trouble getting Activesync to work using bluetooth (it works fine with USB cable). Both Activesync on my laptop and Activesync on my 750 are set for COM Port 4. I get an error message on the 750 saying "Cannot find an existing Bluetooth partnetship with a PC that supports Activesync. Would you like to set up a partnership now?" When I choose YES, my laptop is listed under the bluetooth devices already set up. The partnership services checked are HANDS FREE, SERIAL PORT, and DIALUP NETWORKING. Not sure what I am doing wrong.
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    To successfully sync via bluetooth use the following steps;

    Step 1:
    Computer - Delete all pairings between PPC and Computer, remove all preconfigured ports. Then reboot.

    Step 2:
    PPC - Delete all pairings between PPC and Computer. Then soft reset.

    Step 3:
    Computer - Under "Bluetooth Devices", "Options", activate "Turn Discovery On"

    Step 4:
    Computer - Under "Com Ports", click on "Add...", select "Incoming" and take note of the port number (e.g. COM7)

    Step 5:
    Computer - Right-click the ActiveSync icon, choose "Connection Settings". Tick the box "Allow serial cable or infrared connection to this COM port", and click on the drop down box. You should be able to see the COM Port as in the above Step. Choose that option.

    Step 6:
    PPC - "Settings". "System", "Bluetooth Settings", tick "Outbound COM Port 5". "Start". Tick "Turn on Bluetooth" and ""Make this device discoverable to other devices".

    Step 7:
    PPC - "Devices", "New...". Search and bond your two devices with passkey and all.

    Step 8:
    PPC - "Start", "Programs", "ActiveSync", "Tools", "Connect via Bluetooth..."
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