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    Hi everyone, I read somewhere that the 750 was supposed to have manual network selection enabled. I mean being able to manually select a different GSM carrier, like T-Mobile, for example. Under Menu ---> Preferences ---> Phone ---> Settings ---> Services ---> System, there is no way to manually select the network. Cingular usually disables this feature, but I read in some thread that the Treo 750 was supposedly going to be an exception. I don't see an option to do that on mine, though. Is there a hack available?

    I usually get great reception, but I'm used to having the feature on my Treo 650, and I would like to have it on my 750 in case of an emergency.

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    The treo has that option, but Cingular's SIMs disable it. So as long as you're using Cingular that option will be hidden. That is unless someone hacks the Treo software to unide it. it's an instruction in the SIM that tells the phone to hide manual network selection.
    This is true for all phones (unless they have a bug that doesn't hide it.)
    Only band selection (GSM / UMTS) is available. That might be what someone meant when they said it had manual network select.
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    Hmm...What about this?

    I thought the 32K SIM's didn't give the phone the instruction to hide manual network selection...???

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