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    Brand new Cingular Treo 750 running Windows Mobile 5.0. Set up a weekday alarm for 5:00 am but the choices of sounds is quite limited. Somewhere else on this device are other system sounds, like Klavier, but it isn't available in the Alarms list. I checked the the Windows folder in File Explorer and found two different sound file formats. Any suggestions on copying the files to a laptop and converting the file format to provide more Alarm options?

    Thanks for any recommendations.

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    Never mind. I fixed it. I used a midi to wav converter and transformed it. By lowering the sampling rate and shortening the playing time from 30 seconds to 12, it brought the file size to something the 750 would accept. The alarm now works as planned. Thanks anyway.
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    Can you describe which program you used to convert it, and how you made it available on your palm as an alarm?
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    Yeah DiverGuy, how'd you do it? You tease newbies like me!
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    Well, first I googled (yes, it is now a verb) "midi to wav converter". With a little looking, it became apparent that there were bunches of them that were free or trialware. I downloaded and installed one (can't recall which). Then I synced with the 750, went to the Treo's Windows folder, and copied the 30-second long Klavier midi file to the laptop.

    The original pass of converting it to a wav resulted in a 5.6 mb file. After copying it back to the Treo, WM5 wouldn't let me select it. Must have been too large.

    The converter software allowed me to copy the midi file as a wav file, clip it to 12 seconds (at a natural "ebb" in the music), and resample the quality to a lower level. This allowed me to make the wav version small enough that WM5 would accept it.

    The whole thing took about 15 minutes.

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