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    I just received my new Cingular Treo 750 today. I could get FlexMail 2007 to connect with my IMAP server but it would not sync with it and send or receive any messages... but that's a different issue. After a while I gave up and set up Mobile Outlook that was preinstalled. It works fine. I can send and receive but when new mail arrives, no sound plays and the 750 does not vibrate.

    - The Sound/Silent switch on top is set to sound on.
    - All of the other sounds are playing, including the new message alert and vibrate when new text messages arrive.
    - In Settings/Personal/Sounds and Notifications/Sounds, there is a checkmark in Events, Programs, and Notifications. Screen taps and Hardware buttons are not checked.
    - On the Notifications tab, Event Inbox: New e-mail message is set to Play sound checked, Alarm Triangle as the sound, display message on the screen, and both "vibrates" are all checked.

    It looks like everything is set up correctly but there is still no sound, vib, or message displayed when a new message arrives in Outlook. Anybody have any ideas what might be wrong? Could FlexMail be conflicting with Outlook?

    Thanks for any insights.

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    I found out (through forums posted here..not like the WM user guides would help) that you have to "ok"/close the messaging app and then the notification(s) (sounds and vibration) work. Meaning, that if you have the messaging app opened, even if the screen has timed out, it still will not notify. You have to close/minimize the outlook email window. You don't have to "end task" and close the whole application though.

    I think it's a stupid requirement, although other users disagree because the concept was that if you have outlook open, then you wouldn't need to be notified. However, in my opinion, it's obviously going to time out when i put the device down and have not closed the mobile why do i need to close it first.

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    Ah, that explains it! The email notification of your response came in and triggered the sound and vib, proving your point before I even read it. Thanks for clarifying.

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