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    Dear friends;

    I was so lucky as I found 750 at Sunnyvale store in CA,
    when I almost gave up after one hour call.
    Very helpful guy in that store told me that my phone, currently locked.
    can be unlocked by tech support 3 months later.
    He mentioned that it is just a security code that I am required to type in.

    Anyone can advise if it's true story, so that I don't have to consider changing the 750 in my hand now?
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    Its very easy to get an unlock code for the Treo 750 without waiting 3 months, as long as you dont mind spending a little money. PM if you want to get your phone unlocked
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    So how do I get it?
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    PM = Private Message - and you'll probably be asked to pay a fee for the service.

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