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    I just switched from Verizon (and shelved my 700W) and went to Cingular so I could get my new 750. Both phones have the same problem with my 2007BMW Bluetooth speakerphone: when I receive an incoming call via call waiting, it works fine, and I can switch between and conclude both calls. The trouble starts when I hang up the second call-- the speakerphone begins to ring as if there is another incoming call, but there is no call. To make things worse, I cannot stop the ringing because the "Accept" and "Decline" options simply do not work and I cannot The only solution to this ridiculous problem is to dial yet another call on my Treo and hit send, and that will usually initiate a new call, which I have to hang up immediately so I am not connected to someone I don't really want to speak to.

    I wonder if anyone else has this problem, or if it is unique to my car..... if it is a lack-of-compatibility issue, maybe BMW will cosider fixing it now that Treos have been released in Europe. Until then, I will continue to dread this problem on a regular basis!
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    Been discussed to death. The 750 doesn't work correctly with BMW bluetooth systems. I've been trying to get this to work for months.
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