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    Hey guys,

    I haven't gotten a voice mail lately even though people claim they have left me voice mails. I just called my phone and I have 17 new messages.

    Why am I not getting voice mail alerts on my phone?
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    Have you checked that they're enabled in your notifications? If they are, you might have a registry problem or something on your hands...
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    I have it enabled to display message on screen. I assume its a registry error then. What can I do to fix it?
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    Well, unfortunately, unless you want to spend a bit of time looking for the right key value, I'd probably do a hard reset... stinks, but it should fix it... I had a problem like that in the past...

    I'm not sure where to look in the registry for that...
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    Could the following thread resolution be the problem?
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    Don't hard reset yet. Try getting a PRL upadte from Sprint first.

    This will re-install your radio firmware in case there are errors. It may help, it may not. Def beats a hard reset!
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    I have the latest PRL already and I went back into the registry and just made believe I put my phone number back in and I sent myself a voice mail from my home phone and I got a notification for it, but I am not sure if that will withstand or if it'll botch again.

    By the way, for the past 2 weeks, the threaded messaging app on my today screen keeps telling me I have 4 unread messages even though I do not. How the hell can I get rid of this annoyance? It just randomly started doing it not too long ago.
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    do not hard reset. you will still have the problem. it start when you first dismiss a voice mail notification. until you listen to this message you will not get another notification. search this forum and you will find me starting the same exact thread. this is what I was told and it has worked. as long as you have no unread voicemails, you will get notifications.
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    Thanks, codyppc. That's most likely what's going on which I find ridiculous. What else can you expect from Sprint
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    Quote Originally Posted by L3thal View Post
    What else can you expect from Sprint
    i expect it fixed in the rom update.

    many other devices like the earlier 6700's would have died for a voice mail notification dismiss option. palm got it in there just it doesn't quite work.

    here is the link to the thread i started last month. just in case anyone want to read up on this.

    just for the record... i answer all voicemails now instead of just dismissing them and have never missed a voicemail notification. how do i know... i never have anymore than one new voice mail in my inbox.

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