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    are there any today screen plug ins for wmp
    id love to be able to control: play, pause, skip forward/bacward, adn the title of the songfrom the today screen as well as being able to turn the screen off although i believed that this has been discussed already
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    scroll down until you see Spb ToPlay - it's free
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    Is that proprietary to pocketplus? I hate that program...
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    i only downloaded toplay, do i need to be running pocketplus for this plugin to work. because its not showing up under my today options. otherwise im not very into payin for pocketplus for this?

    thanks for your help though
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    yes, all these in the link above are plugin for the pocket plus app.

    edit-update. I take that back. even though thay are in the pocketplus part under plugins. I have pocketplus installed on my treo, but don't use the today plugin. I just doenloaded the folder deal and the windows media player pluging and thay both show up under the regular plugins.

    so I would say... no, you don't have to have pocketplus to run it. I don't know for sure because I do have it installed. does this make any since?
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    it makes sense. i cant get it owrking
    and each time i install toplay i get an error message but then the phone tells me it was installed successfully so im not sure
    if someone could verify one way or another, thatd be great thanks
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    I can get it working, but I must say. it doesn't work very good. no dpad control either.
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    ouch, maybe its for ppc2003?

    anyone else have any solutions like this, for free if possible? thanks
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    Sorry lads, did what I could - that was the one I remember coming across. I actually never tried it, so sorry I couldn't be of more help...
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    I think PocketMusic has an older free version that has a today plugin. I don't think you can operate the controls one handed from the plug-in however. It works with the stylus.

    Edit: hmm, the free version might not have the plug-in.

    PocketPlayer lets you control things from the today screen one handed, but it's not free.

    MortPlayer is free, but I've never used it so I don't know if it has a today plug-in or not.

    I know the op is looking for a WMP today plug-in, but I thought I'd list some alternatives.
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    spb to play works. However, you have to install pocketplus to get it to works. It cannot repeat. I checked the setting in WMP, but it cannot repeat using the spb to play plugin.

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