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    My bluetooth headset still works, but I get NO sound from the internal speaker (non speakerphone)... any ideas???

    Lee Ladisky
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    Maybe the broken headset jack problem.
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    Happened to me, traded it in, problem solved.

    My sopeaker just went, no headphone jack problem, but some report the latter
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    Happened with my first WX.

    The dreaded Treo audio jack bug.

    Swapped for a replacement.
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    Happened recently but it came back while awaiting replacement. I launched streaming audio from PIE and all was well again. I kept the replacement unit though.
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    Me too. Speakerphone worked fine but nothing when listening through the internal earpiece. Sprint swapped it out after a quick look. I have the equipment protection plan.
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    Try plugging and unplugging your headset in-and-out several times. Sometimes the broken headset problem reverses itself and gets "unstuck".
    This happened to me before...and i fixed it before my replacement came.
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    I just want to add that this just happened to me. Couldn't hear anything on the handset, but speaker and headphones worked fine. I traced back to what I did with my treo before this started happening, and I was streaming music in my car. I then came across this thread, fired up some streaming music, put the headphone jack in-and-out and voila, the handset speaker is fixed!
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    I had a strange occurrence when my Treo thought that it's still connected to my Motorola S9, even though the S9 was turned off. When I received a call, I couldn't hear the person nor could they hear me. Once I turned on the speaker phone, I can continue the normal conversation. During the conversation, I turned off the speaker phone and I was then able to converse normally through the phones earpiece and mic.

    So try making a call with the speakerphone on, then turn it back off and see if it resolves your problem.

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