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    I have had my treo 700wx for a week or so and have been using the power vision service heavily during this week. Today, while the phone was not in use the screen powered on and there was a message saying that the phone must be configured for vision services. I had already done this when I first got the phone so I wan't sure why it came up automatically again. It asked me if i wanted to continue now or later. I clicked now and a 'phone updater' app started and I eventually got the congratulations message when it was complete. Does anyone have any idea why this would come up by itself? Was I getting an update of software from sprint? What's the deal here?

    By the way. I already had the latest prl update 20225. I read the other posts I found about this but I didn't see any real explanation on why this would come up automatically and what they are actually updating..especially since I already have the latest prl.
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    We've been discussing this for a week. No one knows yet.
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    Check this thread Alienware said we've been discussing this

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