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    Yeah, it looks like the SDHC cards won't be seen by the Treo 750 (I have a WM5). I tried one and it doesn't even detect it. Maybe I'll have to look for these non-branded non SDHC cards
    All you need is WM6.

    WM5 can't see anything over 2GB in the storage card slot. WM6 will support up to 32GB.
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    I bought a 4gb min-sd from Newegg and it works just fine. Its a patriot, I paid 20.99 for it. Been using it for about 2 weeks. Put some podcasts (mp3) and music on it and it's pretty much full. Have no problems at all.
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    Palm's site said SDHC was not supported, if memory serves. But I have a hard time believing anything they say. I didnt fail to notice the contradiction between these two Palm "tech support" pages:
    states: miniSD card slot; up to 4GB card supported,CASE=43199
    states: miniSD card slot
    Up to 2GB miniSD cards supported, sold separately
    Note: SD and microSD not supported

    It also wasnt lost on me that the first page refers to WM6, while the second refers to WM5. So I contacted Palm "tech support" for a definitive, dependably accurate answer. Same result, contradiction: When no reply came from the email I sent, I used the chat feature. That "tech" said the 2GB limit was an OS issue, WM5 vs WM6 (ok) and that "Treo Updater 2.25" would solve the problem because it would update WM5 devices to WM6 devices. Ah, ok, I'll take it. I guess.

    Then I got the response from the email I sent. That "tech" said (I cut and paste here) "I understand that you would like to know the maximum size of miniSD card that you can use for your TReo™ 750.
    We apologize for the confusion. The maximum size of card that you can use in your device is 2GB"

    Confusion? What confusion?
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    WM6 supports SDHC. Palm claims up to 2GB.

    Some folks are running 8GB SDHC Sandisk with no issues.

    Others claim it can handle 32GB, though I don't know of anyone who has actually done it. The largest I know of actually running is 8GB.

    Anyone tried to run anything larger?
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    Palm's site for WM6 states "miniSD card slot; up to 4GB card supported". Somebody smokin crack over there?

    Heard of any problems with the 2.25 updater?
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