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    Is there a way to have Agendus or any other calendar apps on the today screen... I am using TodayAgenda right now but like all of the other things that other applications offer... BUT one huge drawback is that when I downloaded the new Agendus and a couple other calendar apps, they didn't offer a today screen plugin... Can someone suggest another application that has a cool today screen look???

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    I use SPB Diary and it allows me to select what I want to show on the today screen. I usually only show the calendar, however I can also add contacts, tasks, notes, etc. I can also filter how many days I want to show. Take a look at it; it might work for you as well.
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    If you have a 700w, I use PocketInformant along with SPB Diary. The problem with the 700w is memory. After trying to forego the today screen component for years, I finally came to the conclusion that with limited memory it's better to have a great today screen component that will stop me from needing to open the bigger Calendar app. This works for me. I hardly open PocketInformant anymore. As soon as Verizon has the 700wx, I'm there.

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