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    I know tht the 700W has a very limited amount of usable RAM, thus would like some feedback from all of you that use a GPS program. I am narrowing my selection down to either CoPilot Live 6 or TomTom. Can anyone using either of these on the 700W tell me the good and bad news when using it?
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    Not sure if you're still looking but I have CoPilot on my 700w and it works fine for the most part. As with anything on the 700w, if you use your device rigorously and have used a lot of programs, it is best to do a soft reset before opening CoPilot.

    The only issues I've run into with CoPilot is that sometimes after getting a call, when I go back into CoPilot, parts of the screen are "frozen" to what they were when I received the call.
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    Hey thanks; CoPilot claims that their program has an exclusive feature that allows you to return to the GPS progarm after competing a call, but it sounds like it freezes the 700W up sometimes.
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    i've been a TomTom user for both versions 5 and 6. great program, never got me lost...

    I have yet to use CoPiot but I do know that the TomTom maps and interface for the PocketPC software is the same as their handheld devices that millions use every day. For this reason alone I trust TomTom.

    And TomTom allows you to go to a call and return to the GPS as well as receive a call while it still navigates.
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    I've tried TomTom 6, Inav 3.1, Mapopolis, and Windows Live Search on my Treo 700w. And all of them will continue to navigate in the long as you have available ram.

    And that's the sticking point with them all. The treo 700w has such low available ram that sometimes I can receive a call and go back to navigation where as other times it closes the app.

    Like the above poster stated it's always best to soft reset to free everything up before opening a memory intensive application like navigation software.
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    I have been using the CP6 for pocketpc on the treo 700wx, now for about three weeks. I have used CP products for more than six years. On the treo, it works quite well, and just like the other CP products for pocketpc.

    I get to the phone, by hitting the Green phone button, or get to any other functions I need. I have had no problems, or lockups, or display issues.
    I DO always load the cp6 to the memory card, and the CP6 product only loads a very minimal amount of items to local device memory, less than 250k I would say. All the maps, and the program, and the restart program, load to the SD card. These are between 10mb and WHATEVER depending on how many maps you choose to load.

    I would say, for the money, (ebay, 120$ ) or so, the products work VERY well.
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    Sorry to hijack this thread, but any suggestions on GPS bluetooth receivers? I've been looking at the Holux 240 and the i-Blue 737/Qstarz 32-channel...

    And as far as battery life goes for the w/wx, would you say its as power hungry as a bluetooth headset on a call?
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    I cannot really compare to BT headsets, I have only briefly used my Bt250 with the 700wx, but with my copilot receiver, the latest one which is the SUPER TINY, emtac, sirf III ,with a easilly replaceable battery, my treo didn't give up the ghost afte about five hours of constant GPS use. It still have battery, I was transmitting my GPS location/bread crumb trail over EVDO the whole time (this is a really NEAT feature of the Copilot product) so, I would say that is pretty darn good.

    In essense, I went the whole day, as usual, on one charge. I have to put a car charger in my car for the treo, the GPS receiver chares with UBS, and I have a UBS charger for the car.

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