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    I had posted this in the multimedia forum, but that area seems to a barren wasteland where no one ever goes. So I'm copying from my post over there.
    I use ActiveSync to sync my music from my PC to my 700wx, and I'm finding that album art is inconsistent with WMP. I'm trying to understand why that is. An example:

    I recently bought (yes, purchased, at a brick and mortar store) two CDs from the same artist. Put those on my PC - same. All good. Synced them over to my device using ActiveSync. All fine. But only one of them shows the album art. They were both synced over the same way, and there's no DRM to deal with, since they were both purchased CDs.

    I've tried to figure out where on the device the album art file is saved or stored, but I can't locate that either.

    Anyone have any clues? Don't tell me about copy protection or any of that stuff, since these are hard copy original CDs, both from the same artist, and yes - the album art shows for both on my PC in Windows Media Player over there. So I'm at a loss.

    Update from original post - I've now purchased ANOTHER CD from the same artist, and of the four albums I have from them, and which are all synced over to my device via WMP11 and ActiveSync, only one of the four shows album art. I know this seems like whining - ok it IS whining - but I can't figure it out and it's making me crazy.

    Someone surely knows this.
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    I have the same problem. Not sure what the solution is. I haven't looked too hard though. If I find something I'll post.

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