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    I'm just curious about how people use email on their Treo's... How many different email accounts do you check (or want to check) from your Treo (regardless of how you check them, i.e. web, email client, etc.)?


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    3. My own domain, Gmail, Yahoo. Hardly use Yahoo anymore. The new version is so clunky and visually loud and slow to load. I have a love/hate deal with Gmail. Thus most of my email is on my own domain hosted on my own Exchange Server. Spam......
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    Sorry, I didn't read the question. I only check my corporate mail on the Treo. Yahoo and Gmail wait for a real computer. Posting from my Treo (hooray) so I can't edit the previous post.
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    I use and read at least 5 including work on my Treo alone. Two more on desktop.

    Chatter, is this question for WM users only?
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    I posted here, because I was curious whether WM users were any different (in this way) than Palm OS users. The question is intended to mean, How many would you WANT to check on a Treo (i.e. if it were easy, etc.)?


    p.s. Since I've been asked, no, I have no plans for a WM product....
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    Some of us were forced into WM devices, and miss our dear friend Chatter.
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    I am checking only 2 of my 4 email accounts on my Treo due to this crappy POutlook.
    I loved Chattermail on my treo 650 and miss it
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    1. HTC Touch Dual Neon 300, Stock Rom
    2. AT&T Tilt (Refurb) with DK.8 Rom (collecting dust)
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    2 Personal
    2 Work (my own company)
    1 Junk (for crap that I sign up for that I know will execute the spam storm)
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    I check:

    1 Work (Exchange)
    1 Home (IMAP)
    1 Hotmail
    1 AOL
    1 Gmail

    all on treo!
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    Very short poll!

    Anyway I use 5 - 4 personal (1 yahoo, 1 hotmail, 2 gmail) and one on the job (MSexchange 2003)...

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